Help us meet a huge food need this December

//Help us meet a huge food need this December

Help us meet a huge food need this December

The June flood of this year has made the need for food this holiday season greater than it has been in a very long time. Many West Virginians are simply out of the financial resources to put food on the table and they are coming to the Union Mission in droves seeking help.

Last month, our Thanksgiving food needs were much higher than they have been in the past. Union Mission had to spend tens of thousands of dollars to purchase food and we still had shortages in some areas. December is shaping up to be a similar scenario.

We understand that December is a busy time with family and that many of us have our financial resources focused on Christmas but would you consider partnering with Union Mission to help us buy food this month for the hungry and hurting?

We have set a lofty goal to raise $20,000 to buy food by Christmas. 

When Union Mission buys food in bulk, we get food at a cheaper price. This year bulk food prices average out to about $2.49 per person.  Our goal of $20,000 will allow us to feed an additional 8000 people this month.

To donate, please click on the button below and you will be redirected to our secure donation page. Halfway down the page under the Holiday section you will see the opportunity to purchase individual food boxes for $2.49 or ten boxes for $24.90. Just enter the quantity you want to purchase.

These boxes will be given to West Virginians in desperate need of food this holiday season.

Buy a Food Box for Union Mission

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