$2.49 Can Provide a Meal this Holiday

//$2.49 Can Provide a Meal this Holiday

$2.49 Can Provide a Meal this Holiday

The holiday season is rapidly approaching. Along with the holidays comes colder temperatures. These temperatures can get us all in the holiday spirit, but for the homeless and hungry, they can turn deadly.

November is a month to reflect on the many blessings we have received. It is also a month to consider being a blessing to someone less fortunate.

Union Mission will attempt to feed tens of thousands of people within the next several months. The food distribution efforts take a fleet of semi trucks and a small army of volunteers.

Did you know that for as little as $2.49 you can help feed a person in need at Union Mission? Please consider giving at least $2.49 to help. Due to the economic status of West Virginia, the need is a great as it has ever been.

To donate, please click on the button below and you will be redirected to our secure donation page. Halfway down the page under the Holiday section you will see the opportunity to purchase individual food boxes for $2.49 or ten boxes for $24.90. Just enter the quantity you want to purchase.

These boxes will be given to West Virginians in desperate need of food this holiday season.

Buy a Food Box for Union Mission
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