Volunteers Make a Difference – Shana Clay

//Volunteers Make a Difference – Shana Clay

Volunteers Make a Difference – Shana Clay

This year for Valentine’s Day, Shana Clay delivered 45 filled cinch sacs to be given to the homeless at Union Mission’s Crossroads men’s shelter.  Shana is a Thirty-One representative.  That company sells cinch sacs, totes, handbags, etc.  She asked 45 of her customers to make a $25 donation to cover the cost of each cinch sac (the cinch sac is a sturdy bag with straps and zip pockets). With the commission she earned from the sell of each bag, Shana purchased much needed items to fill the bags.  Each bag included products such as deodorant, soap, tooth paste, shampoo, a comb, tooth brushes, gloves, and even some candy and snacks. Students at Point Harmony Elementary School in Cross Lanes even prepared special Valentine cards for each bag.

Shana-Clay-content“I wanted the homeless to know we care and to feel loved,” says Shana. “I am sure I will be in tears the first time I see someone on the streets carrying one of the bags.  I hope to expand this project next year and help more people.”

Shana presented this idea to Union Mission and we were eager to see it come to fruition. This is the heart of Union Mission. Our volunteers are the life-blood of how Union Mission helps the hurting people of West Virginia.

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