I am originally from Fayetteville but lived and worked in Ohio for many years. When I lost my job, I became homeless and moved around staying with friends.

In 2014, I decided to come back to West Virginia to look for employment. With no place to go, I came to Crossroads for help. This was my first time living in a shelter and it wasn’t easy.

I am thankful for Crossroads. It is a decent place to stay and the staff bends over backwards to assist those who want help. The chaplains try to work with people and Brother Dave has helped me get a part-time job. When I am not working I volunteer in the Crossroads kitchen serving meals to others. It is my way of giving back.

Since coming to Crossroads, I have been going to church and doing my best to keep a straight mind. I am saving money and hope to get back on my feet soon. I can tell you firsthand this experience has changed my life.

I am thankful to Crossroads and Union Mission. It is a good organization and helps so many people with food, shelter, clothing or even a bus ticket. Whatever the need they try to help! They have helped me tremendously and given me back the hope I had lost. I now look forward to the future.

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