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You know Union Mission accepts your slightly worn clothes so they can clothe the homeless of West Virginia, but what do you do with the clothes that are really worn out, stained, or torn? Would you consider bringing them to Union Mission?

Many people, when asked, answer that question “no”. Union Mission can, however, still use the old, worn out clothes. Union Mission has a business relationship with a company that will buy material, clothing, even old footwear and accessories like belts, purses, etc.

Union Mission has a baling machine that takes all the clothes too damaged to wear and compacts them into large bales. These bales are loaded on a truck and transported to the company.

Each full truck equals $10,000 for Union Mission to help the hurting of WV.

Items that can benefit the Rags to Riches program:

  • Any article of clothing regardless of its condition including socks and underwear
  • Old shoes, belts, purses, coats, etc.
  • Sewing material scraps
  • Old shop rags (as long as they are not soaked in petroleum based products)
  • Blankets, sheets, pillow cases, curtains, etc.

You can drop all of these items off at Union Mission at the South Park location or schedule a pickup when a Union Mission truck is in your area (view schedule).

Help Union Mission turn rags into riches for the hurting of West Virginia.

Have questions? Contact us for more information.