Love is an emotional need in the heart and life of every person. Love begins at birth with a mother/child relationship and continues to cry out for fulfillment throughout one’s entire life.

As we at the mission serve individuals who are battling addictions, we frequently find that “love” has been withheld from folk and is just, well, missing from so many. Unfortunately, love was replaced with “stuff”, gifts, toys, money and multiple other “comforts”. It is never experienced in its’ truest form as God created it to be. Sadly, this failure of others to love is a generational issue as they probably had never experienced being loved.

True love can only be experienced as people come to know the true unconditional love of God by faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

The Bible tells us,”for love is of God…God is love”. The Word of God is a guidebook in detailing how we can give and receive true love, which is from God alone.

We have featured 3 of several weddings of “our children” (in the ministry) who came to know victory in their lives through their time at the mission and then who fell in love and were married.

Please be encouraged as you read these stories and the impact that Union Mission is making in families. Your partnership provides not only food, clothing and shelter, but also provides for the rebuilding of broken lives on a new foundation because of God’s amazing grace and love.