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2018 Biblical Counseling & Discipleship Training

Tracks One & Two

One Conference Over 3 Weekends:
March 16-17, 2018
April 6-7, 2018
May 18-19, 2018

Presented by Union Mission Ministries in partnership with Wheelersburg (OH) Baptist Church

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What is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical counseling is intensive discipleship. It is ministering the Word of God to people where they need it the most right now. Everyone is a counselor to someone. Spouses, parents, teachers, pastors, youth workers, church leaders, and health care professionals are regularly giving advice about a variety of subjects. At Union Mission, we believe that in the Bible, God has provided us with real answers for the real problems people encounter in life.

Should I take this course?

If a person came to you depressed, heavy with guilt, near a “breakdown,” anxious, fearful, full of bitterness, with marital problems, or overwhelmed
with grief, would you know what to do according to God’s word? The goal of this training is to equip God’s people to minister God’s word to those in
need. If you want your counsel to be more biblical, insightful and helpful to the people you care about, consider participating in this course.

Topics Included

• What is biblical counseling?
• Why is biblical counseling needed?
• Marriage: roles & communication
• Parenting: goals, child instruction & discipline
• How to biblically deal with trials, suffering, guilt, repentance, forgiveness, anger, worry, fear, sexual sin & depression
• Dealing with medical issues from a biblical perspective.

Cost & Materials

The cost involved is for the handbook/training manual and outside/adjunct instructors for the entire six-day seminar. Session snacks and drinks, are provided. Discounts are available for groups. Contact Lana McVey for details at (304) 925-0366 ext. 142. Please include your check for these costs with your registration form.

Fees Per Person

Registration fee (by March 6) $135
Registration fee (after March 6) $150
Registration fee (groups 5 or more) $125 (Includes training and manual)
Class-suggested/required reading available at additional costs.
Child care is not provided.

Primary Instructors

Pastor Brad Brandt
Certified counselor with ACBC- Assocation of Certified Biblical Counselors-Pastor/Teacher at Wheelersburg Baptist Church since 1987.

Barbara Miller
ACBC certified. Member and counselor at Wheelersburg Baptist Church.

David Beam
ACBC certified. Member, counselor and deacon at Wheelersburg Baptist Church.

John Hurley
Member of Counseling and Discipleship Training team at Wheelersburg Baptist Church.

Chris Moles
ACBC certified counselor, Pastor of Grace Community Church in Eleanor, WV. He is also a certified batterer intervention group facilitator working with local criminal corrections and statewide agencies as an instructor and contributor.

Course Schedule

The six-day training seminar begins with the first of three weekend classes on Friday and Saturday, March 16 – 17, 2018. The second weekend is scheduled for April 6-7 and the final weekend is May 18-19. All weekends include ample breaks with snacks and drinks. The cost for the entire six day
training is $135 for pre-registrants or $150 after March 6.

FRIDAY- March 16, April 6, May 18
Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling I
Advanced Biblical Counseling
4:00-5:00 p.m.- Registration
5:00-9:45 p.m.- Four Sessions

SATURDAY- March 17, April 7, May 19
Fundamentals of Biblical Counseling II
Advanced Biblical Counseling
8:00- 4:30 p.m. – Seven Sessions


Mt. Calvary Baptist Church (Session 1)
1509 Bigley Avenue
Charleston, WV 25302

Bible Center Church (Sessions 2 & 3)
100 Bible Center Drive
(Past Southridge Shopping Area)
South Charleston, WV 25309